Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party Piece

So I have gone too, two CITA workshops with Mr. Rung Chunn so far the first in Kampong Cham and the second in Kon Kong. Unfortunately  I didn't have a translator on either occasion but I managed to understand the basics with Mr. Rung Chunns help. Anyway the night before the first workshop Mr. Rung Chunn told me I should say something and introduce myself so I spent a hour or so putting the following together with the help of my notes from Dara's language training. It has now become my stump speech for introducing myself to CITA members. Of course the whole thing is written phonetically and I avoided the word help which if mispronounced means f$%k but apart from than that I think it an ok party piece teh English version is at the end.
Knyom ot kneya pesa kmer pon tai knyom nung kom byýee-ayee um. Raboh knyom chmoo-ah John hi-noon mock pii prety Ireland. Kynom Sabachet nan knenigh choie-moie neak tonéye kynom nung twoaca choie moie ongkar CITA hi-noon kru-bon-rieen now prety Kampuchea pii chnum. Knyom kit kar twoaca ongkar CITA som kann nan hi-noon santapea kro-bon-rien aa-krok now prety Kampuchea.

Kynom nung sawsay kole-no-yo-bai obroom som-rab cita hi-noon kynom twoaca choie-moie Bong Rung Chunn yiu-taa-sah CITA. Kro-bon-rien trou-gaa la-or laykana pee-pro ombroom sum-kann nan owe ak-pii wot prêt Kampuchea.

Onkun Charan

I don’t speak khmer put I will try and make an effort. My name is John and I come from Ireland. I am very happy to be speaking with you today and I will work CITA and teachers in Cambodia for the next two years.

I think that the work of CITA is very important and that the situation for teachers is bad in Cambodia. I will write education policy and  advocacy strategy  and work with Mr. Rung Chunn to develop CITA.  Teachers do good work and education is important for the development of Cambodia in the future.

Thank You. 

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