Thursday, December 16, 2010

The dear old Isle of Ireland

Now that I have regular internet access at home I have had time to check out what has been happening at home the  following caught my attention this week so I made links to the story and made some comments.

Former Minister of Justice Willie O'Dea was on the Liveline a generally ring in a complain show hosted by a man called Joe Duffy (just google the show). Anyway the former Minister in the course of his interview said he was a fan of a group called Rubberbandits. Well all I can say is you have to check out the link to the video, i am not sure that you will understand it unless  your Irish needless to say it's not the kinda of thing you expect a former justice minister to be a fan of. Also during the interview a woman rang in to complain about the state of things and Willie said she must support the opposition she then announced she was a former FF European candidate and Willie didn't know her. I just love Irish politics. 

So what can we learn from the latest poll-well people more people apparently want Eamon Gilmore (leader of the Labour party) as Tasoseach than will actually vote Labour (I would like to think this shows that labour policies are popular as he is he lead spokesperson). People say they won't vote FF but can we really believe them. Labour is losing ground to SF and FG but still doing well. And it is possible that Labour could lead a rainbow without FG or FF but with Greens and SF. Also 8% of people still support FF who are these people me thinks the cabinet and their families. All in all the next election could really change the make-up of Irish politics but I think when push comes to shove not as many people will abandon FF as the poll indicates. One thing is for sure Labour needs to develop more substantial policies. Also I can't understand why Eamon Gilmore is not in favor of  government appointee's to semi-state boards and quagos coming before the Dail even a token, FG have scored a point with this policy. 

Well this story real caught my attention for two reason it is not often that the Laois Nationalist (a local paper) features along side the BBC, Washington Post etc in my news feed and secondly Laois/Offaly is my home place. Back in 2006-07 I was heavily involved with Labour in Laois/Offaly and even tried to run. Anyway this story is ridiculous. Basically the local party are so amateur that they are having an all out war with the party head office about how many and who should run. This at a time when the government are at the lowest ratings ever and in the Taoiseachs own constituency. But no instead of having picked a long-term candidate in 2007 they are ripping each other to bits and no doubt allowing SF to gain ground. Will they ever learn. 

A very good friend of mine as pointed out that that with regards Labour bloodbath I should have mentioned that the Party HQ did not handle things as they should have. I totally agree and moreover admit it is probably the only area of my professional life that I have any negative feeling towards still which means of course I am somewhat biased.

The final story relates to that most controversial issue in Ireland abortion. The current situation is a Irish solution to a Irish problem whereby abortion is illegal but providing information on how to get an abortion is not. So the European Court of Human Rights has now ruled that Ireland needs to make provision for abortion in certain circumstances because denying it breaches the rights of women whose health is at risk. I totally support the ECHR but am sure this is the last thing the government want to deal with when they are on a count down to an election it also mean all the political parties will have to make their position clear. Abortion becomes election issueI wonder if there will be a country to come back to by the time this is all over. 

T√°naiste misses chance to pull a Christmas cracker 

A great dail sketch by  MARIE O'HALLORAN. Imagine if the Dail did seat next week it would be about time they started working a bit harder to get law passed and fix the country.  

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