Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dolphin Men and Seam Reap

So work wise this week I final finished the policy on teachers’ salaries, terms and conditions which now stands at amazing 20 pages which I am very surprised by. The fact that I have four more policies to write is not something I am thinking about or the annual report or all the interview which are looming next week. Anyway I think I was justified in mild sense of achievement and finished off my footnotes for the policy by Wednesday.

I became a salesman for the Dolphin Men of Kartie this week. Collette a former VSO’er that I have become friends with is involved with some really interesting grass root social projects. One of them is the Dolphin Men of Kartie, which is calendar for charity. All the men work in various aspects of the dolphin tourism industry in Kartie and they are famous as well having been featured in Feb 2010 issue of Asian Life. Anyway they have produced this fun and cheeky calendar which contains plenty of great pictures and fun facts both about the Dolphins and the Dolphin men.The best part is that money raised from the calendar goes towards conversation of the dolphins which need all the help they can get at present. The calendar costs $5 so if you would like one please let me know and I'll send you one.

At the weekend I headed to Seam Reap. This should have taken between 5-6 hours but due to a really bad crash it took about 8hours. The crash was very bad two lorries head on which I saw with one driving killed instantly. Anyway after arriving in Seam Reap I went register for Angkor Wat Challenge  my two events been the 100km bike race and 10km run the next day. Unfortunately due to demand I had lost my place in the run which turned out to be a blessing in the end.
Oly and I get some last minute carb's
I got up at 5am in the morning and cycled gently out towards Angkor Wat which was about 7km. After a short spell of hanging around the race got on the way at 6.15am. 4 hours and 25minutes later I crossed the finished line after 100km. The first two laps or 50km was reasonably ok with lap times of 58minutes and 1hour 10minutes after thet though I started to struggle. After a power nap, I went and got a best massage every and then headed out for the night to celebrate. On Sunday morning we got early again and went and supported our friends who were running the 10km and 21km run. All in all it was a great weekend. 

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