Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comparative Study and Christmas Lunch

Well strangely enough I have sometime on my hands right now and having skyped with friends back home thought it might be interesting to do a comparative study of Christmas in Ireland and Cambodia.


1. Weather Cambodia
20-25C, blue sky and sunshine (warm)
Bright till 6pm                                      
Humidity 50%                                    

-10-0C snow (freezing no transport)
dark by 4.30pm
Snowmen and igloo's

2. Christmas Adverts
Cambodia-None (not on TV, Shops, Newspaper, Billboard) the and even if there were I didn't understand them.      
Ireland-Christmas ad's on telly since November and music inshops for at least 6 weeks.

3. Holiday/Time off
Cambodia-None-if it wasn't for the fact it was Saturday I'd be working. Will take couple days for new years.
Ireland-Anywhere between 2-10 days off depending on job andplace of work.

4. Presents
Cambodia-Didn't buy any and received two.                  
Ireland-Would have had to buy at least 12 and received the same.

5. Friends/Family
Cambodia-It means a hell of lot more to hear from them especially when your away.                            
Ireland-I would have intruded on someones (probably McDaids or Hynes) family Christmas and got drunk.

6. Food
Cambodia-Ordered in and had double bacon & cheese Burger, two portion of chips and sausages not the normal rice and noodles.

Ireland-Would either by having left-over pizza or a roast turkey with all the trimming's(no fear of that in Cambodia).

7. Christmas Entertainment                            
Cambodia-Die Hard was on the TV if that is classed as Christmas movie which it is  in my book. Also read a book and updated my podcasts.        
Ireland-Would have watched It's a Wonderful Life early with a beer then waiting for Indiana Jones or Star Wars after that and then off to pub for sneaky pint.

8. Meaningfulness 
Cambodia-Here it meant something to me for the first time in a while.
Ireland-An exercise in commercial excess.

9. Christmas Party 
Cambodia-No party but took my colleagues for lunch also went to Christmas eve drinks (other Vols did have party but wasn't my thing)
Ireland-Awful but fun themed work party with colleagues two weeks before Christmas. Mighty craic and mighty scandal.

10. Post Christmas Day 
Cambodia-Meeting few people in FCC and having nice meal and one or two drinks. Doing allot of thinking.                                                                                                                                                              
Ireland-Resurfacing after 48hours with a bad hangover and lacking in sleep. Maybe going for nice winter walk in the snow and doing some thinking.

Christmas Lunch
For Christmas Eve I had the bright idea of inviting all my colleagues and my boss Mr. Rong Chunn for a Christmas lunch in Khmer restaurant. The tradition been that if you invite someone you pay which was fine as I wanted to do something small to mark Christmas with these people I have been working with for three months.

Anyway they all turned up at the office on Friday (not everyone works Friday) looking very well dressed and off we went in convoy of bicycles and motodop's to the Boat Noodle on St 63. I was relieved when Sotras said he had been there before and it was good. I left the ordering to the guys as (food is ordered and eating communally not as individual meals) and as usual there ordered excellent food. We had ribs, beef with chill and veg, a full grilled fish with mango, seafood soup and a couple of other things. We also had some wine that Mr. Rong Chunn had gotten from the American Embassy. It was lovely lunch and it was great to get to know them out of the office. The entire venture cost me $20 not bad when you consider thats food and drink for 6 people.

After lunch we all headed back to office and finished off work for the weekend and I was told to go just a little early and to take some holidays next week after the project we are working on is submitted and do you know what I think I will.


  1. Enjoy the few days off. No snow or ice today - rain instead!! It is surprising how it all changed overnight here, still have no water coming into the house but I guess that will thaw out next. You would have been welcome for Christmas dinner - goose was good!!

  2. Hi John, enjoyed the content of that but as i'm on my holidays I found it difficult to read with all the spelling and grammatical errors!!! Too much like work for me... Ha Ha! Happy New Year!

  3. Hi John, what a great idea you had to compare an irish and asien christmas! enjoyed reading it. You were lucky though with Boat Noodle restaurant. Last time I was there, the food was crap! Happy New Year!