Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another load of Interviews

Well this week was one of my quieter ones were I mainly put my head down and got on with some work which included contacting the Irish Teachers’ Union, contact funders and drafting the Annual report along with Sotras and Kajta. We also had the next round of interviews for the translator/project assistant position. In the past few weeks I think I must have conducted over 30 interviews which is a great experience for me if not for the poor candidates who I am no doubt confuse with my accent and fast talk.

On the non-work sense I finally got internet at home which is great in terms of doing the blog and keeping up to date with the news from home. I also seem to have developed a sore throat which is causing obvious problems when interviewing so I am keeping a low profile in the evenings. Although yesterday I did go to see a documentary organised by PAC called Sisters in Law which was excellent. 

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