Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last 24 hours

Hey folks,
               Well it is final here less than 24hours to go till my flight departs Dublin Airport, it been a lovely long summer but the last few weeks have been really busy. Between packing up all my stuff for storage, packing for the trip and syaing Goodbye to people.

A personal thought that has struck me most in the last couple of weeks is nwo lucky I am to have very good friends and family. The kind of people who it doesn't matter how often you see them, you just pcik up the realtionship where it left off. It is interesting because when I was preparing for the VSO experinice we did an excerise around support networks and at the time I was stumpped as I had a very small network but now I know it is the quality of the people not the quanity that counts.

I have had loads of information sent to me about the placement and a really good cacth with the SEA co-ordinator for One World Action which answered many of the questions I had about the placement and CITA. It is amazing how much information you can get from a 1 hour phone call that you simply don't get from reading piles of documents and projects proposals or to be more exact I guess it is a very different kinda of information. The strange thing is that now I know alot more about what CITA and it's international partners are doing but I am still not sure where I will fit in so I guess that will happen naturally once I get out there.

So the past few weeks have been fillied with a variety of cacthing up and leaving do's and there was my last and final triathlon whcih went really well, although I will need a good massage when I get to Cambodia after it. Then in the last 24 hours there was that mayhem of the final pack questions like-do I really need three ties and four belts, does this way 25 kg yet, how will I pack my laptop and do I need the folder where foremost in my mind. Thankfully though the packing is all done and I have checked and rechecked my travel documents about 25 times. Then it occured to me I need to do another Blog entery before the journey begings so thsi is it.

Well thats it for now tommorrow morning I flight from Dublin-Abu Dhabi-Bangkok-Pheom Penn so I guess I will post again in about a week and let you know what is happening.


  1. Every good wwish John - from all in History Department MIC

  2. Hi John we are all with you, Best of luck, especially from Tianán.