Friday, July 30, 2010

First Post

Hey Folks,
                 Well just to explain that this blog will be about my experince over the next while that I am living and working in Cambodia. I am heading out to Cambodia on Sept. 1st 2010 to work with the Cambodian Independent Teachers Association as Advocacy Advisor. The whole thing has been organised through a great organisation called VSO.

So at this point in time I have finished all my pre-departure training with VSO and read about the CITA, Cambodia and have received loads of vaccinations. So it really just a matter of counting down. I am hoping that this blog will be of interest so if you want to let me know what your interested in that would be great whether it be: the job, the food, the people, the politics etc I'll do my best to give you a first hand point of view.

Also if you have any questions about anything I post do ask as staying slient serves no-ones interest.

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